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emske founder, white woman with brown hair and glasses, sitting in front of a mirror snapping a photo, she is in a brightly lit room with art on the walls and contemporary furniture, wearing a black top and white pants.
a sticker of the emske logo stuck to a rough and paint splattered wooden surface

The Studio

emske aims to offer aesthetically pleasing, responsible and inclusive products/services while keeping accessibility in mind.

emske is a design studio that has empathy at its core, creating space to learn and grow together.


We offer in house designed products (coming soon), and custom service offerings from web design, illustration, co-design and consulting.

emske will always strive towards lessening the environmental impact of the studio. A core mission at emske studios is to create and design products/services that are environmentally responsible and work towards offsetting everyday ableism.

You can find more thoughts in our journal, where we jot down ideas and topics that interest us.

The Founder

Em Harmsen is the mind behind emske. Em has a diverse skillset in the fields of technology, accessibility, art and design. She dreamt up the concept of this design studio while completing a graduate degree in cultural studies which focused on inclusive and accessible design. She obtained an undergraduate degree in fashion design years prior, and always had a goal of starting a business that was not only inclusive in nature, but built on a strong foundation of formal and informal education in accessibility, disability, sustainability and ethics.

Em freelanced as a designer and artist, side hustling while working in the public sector for several years. She has been part of many committees that promote physical and virtual accessibility initiatives, and is committed to promoting the importance of accessibility within the arts.

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