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Buying less, but buying smarter

It's hard, we get it... and the tale is old as time. People recommending that you buy less and buy smarter. But what does this mean and how will it impact your life. Additionally, how best can you begin to disrupt your own normalized buying patterns to begin anew?

Many of these tips are trending, but making them a part of your lifestyle in a sustainable way takes ongoing work and patience.

Whether it's a big shift or a small one, they all matter.

We've narrowed it down to 3 tips to follow to help in your quest to create a new normal for yourself... or just to help build on the habits you've already formed.

1. Unless it's an absolute necessary purchase, sleep on it - Not sure about you, but sometimes that craving hits to purchase something new, and by simply adding it into the cart and then waiting a day to think about it, most times by the end of that 24 hour period we are glad we kept the money in our banks.

2. Conduct some research - we're not saying you need to write a thesis on it, but even just a quick Google search on a brand or a topic can be really insightful and often lead to new ways of thinking.

3. Take a moment to really think, what is your motivation for making the shift to buy less and to buy smarter. Is it for your children(s) future? The health of the planet? Your local economy? - Regardless of your motive, being keenly aware of why you are doing this will keep you motivated and provide a sustaining factor for you to continue making ethical and sustainable choices year after year until it becomes your norm.

We really commend anyone who is on a path of lowering their environmental footprint and becoming a role-model for others around them. Whether it's a big shift or a small one, they all matter. When you do make a purchase from a company that has values that you can stand by, things like buyers remorse are less frequent because you feel great about supporting a brand that is furthering a cause you care for. If it happens to be an apparel item, likely it will be one that you care more for and wear with confidence, which looks good on everyone!

Again, some great links to read up on and get more inspiration/information below (:


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