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An Ode to Stay Stitches

Okay, this is a public service announcement.

Over the years, we have seen wayyyy to many people looking effortless, stylish and oh wait... is that a stay stitch holding together the kick pleat at the back of their trench coat?

As much as it feels unacceptable to us, we realize so much that the reasoning behind most things in life is understanding and education of lack thereof. Therefore, the reason for this post is to educate those who may not know that these stitches are meant to be removed post-purchase. The reason for them being there is to ensure that during shipping that the garment stays in tip-top shape.

So if you purchase a garment that has these little X shaped stitches holding a placket together on a jacket sleeve or a vent at the back of a skirt, simply snip them and remove. This can be done with a small pair of scissors, a seam ripper, or if you are super nervous about it, bring it to a tailor and they will know what to do (:


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