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Some ethical, inclusive and transparent fashion recommendations - part 1

Shop ethically, know where your garments are made, support inclusive companies they say... but where? Below are some companies we like.

Image description: digital illustration of a street style pic of a female presenting person with long red hair, a pink track suit, large tan puffer jacket worn off the shoulders, holding a green quilted handbag and wearing blue sneakers and sunglasses.

Illustration copyright: emske, design studio.

Online consignment/second hand shops

thredUP has a massive amount of online second hand apparel items, from recycled fast fashion to higher end pieces.

The RealReal is a great place to start if you are on the look out for a luxury item you had your eye on several seasons ago and wonder if it's available anywhere online.

Transparent/ethical/inclusive companies

IZ Adaptive is an apparel company that creates garments truly representative of the diversity of the human body and caters to the mobility needs we all uniquely have.

KowTow makes organic and ethically made apparel that can take you from day to night effortlessly.

Hoi Bo is based out of Toronto and uses natural materials for their products. A personal fave are their "exhale supernova" bags that are made with zero waste in mind.

Everlane has become a trailblazer of sorts for transparent fashion, they have rapidly expanded and offer well made classic apparel options for everyday wear.

Package Free Shop is your one stop shop for all things zero waste for your home and beyond.

Online blogs/resources

The Good Trade has a plethora of information about ethical fashion, beauty and more. They also have a newsletter you can sign up for to get all that goodness sent straight to your email.

The Eco Edit boasts tons of articles about eco fashion and living.

This list is ever growing, which makes us happy! Let us know what your recommendations are by sending us a note via our contacts page.


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