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Our take on personal style vs. trendiness

Not that this matters very much, but it can be useful to understand the difference (: Keep in mind, this is a dumb downed simplified explanation... because what can we say, it's been a long week and this is all we can muster right now. LOL!

Trendy items are often driven from a capitalist and consumerist standpoint. It's like immediately after Pantone forecasts their "colour of the year" then all the fast-fashion brands begin pumping out items that follow what's been dictated. Then the marketing machines get going and is it EVER hard to resist what they market to us sometimes! The issue with certain trendy items, is that if they don't truly speak to you or suit your usual inklings towards what you like to wear, then it's often the first thing to be donated or discarded from your closet 6 months down the line. We've fallen culprit to purchasing trendy items from time to time, and sometimes they remain in your closet for years which is great! So don't beat yourself up if you've given in and bought a trendy item... it may be something you love for years to come. If it so happens that you don't end up loving it or it doesn't last the test of time quality wise, try repurposing it. We will post a blog at some point about repurposing options for clothing that is no longer worn from our closets, but until then, there are many posts online that offer helpful advice and tutorials.

We totally get that it can be hard to figure out what your personal style is, and it can take years to really settle on a unique style that just fits perfectly with you. This being said, just like we do, our style changes throughout our lives. However, if we stay tuned into our inner voice, often that gut feeling we have will guide us well if we listen to it. In an ideal world we would all feel empowered at all times to dress and express ourselves exactly how we feel, however that is not always the case. Self expression can be a difficult thing depending on geography, culture and/or religion to think of a few inhibitors. Despite these things, deep down, those thoughts like "I just love wearing all black" or "I feel best in comfy, baggy clothing" or "Organic fibres feel best against my skin" or "bright colours and glittery things make me feel pretty" are all driven from your personal style. So if glittery things are all the rage nest season and you feel swayed to change up what you know to be your true personal style of all black, listen to your inner voice because it will likely guide you to the most sustainable longterm best choice for you. Or hey, maybe you want to shake things up and try out a glittery top... it could always be repurposed as a holiday decoration? (:

Image Description: interior shot from a studio with high ceilings, warm hardwood flooring and white walls, in the forefront there is a green plant on a marble table, in the centre back back of the photo there is a clothing rack with two garments hanging on it. A lighter cream coloured dress prototype and a darker cream coloured wrap style dress prototype. Image copyright: emske, design studio


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