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Sustainability meets Accessibility

This may just be us, but does it not seem like there is a gap between sustainably designed and accessibly designed apparel items? When looking at sustainability practices and accessibility practices, there is a lack of overlap, the closest merge we can see would be inclusive design 2.0. This design theory looks at a broad spectrum of inclusion while also thinking about environmental impacts.

Not only is this surely important for the many clients of clothing companies, especially those with more advanced mobility issues have less to choose from since many companies still view accessibility as a "niche" market in the fashion industry. This creates an unfairness and inequality to those with differing mobility and sensory needs. Alternatively, a few brands are taking these considerations to heart and have been making strides in this area. However, there seems to be a concerted lack of crossover between garments being made for differently abled bodies that are also made of sustainable/recycled materials.

This is something to think about for sure, this is a topic we will journal about often as we continue on our explorations within these fields. Thanks for reading and check back soon!

Here are some links to further reading about this:


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