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Why Emske? What does it mean?

The TLDR is that emske is the childhood nickname of Em Harmsen, the mind behind the emske brand. In fact, to this day she is still often referred to as Emske by her husband and family.

Her father, a Dutch immigrant who came to Canada with his parents who were in search of a new lifestyle is the one who first began calling her by the nickname. When Em was beginning to conceptualize the brand and think about what she would call it, one of the first names to pop into her head was emske and as you can see, it stuck!

The emske brand gives homage to her Dutch heritage and honours the importance of how history (even in the form of a nickname) shapes us.

Image Description: a bunch of emske logo stickers strewn a top a worn wooden table top. The stickers have black text/imagery and white backgrounds. Image copyright: emske, design studio.


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